After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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 Darrius Alexander Tartaius

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PostSubject: Darrius Alexander Tartaius   Darrius Alexander Tartaius Icon_minitimeSat Aug 11, 2012 11:00 pm

Name: 'Hellrazor' Darrius Alexander Tartaius
Age: 31
Height: 7'2"
Hair Colour: Greasy Black
Eye Colour: Cyan
Weight: 100 kilograms
Faction: Raider
Rank: Raid Leader

Level 1
Health: 20
Strength: 3
Perception: 7
Endurance: (8+2) 10
Agility: (7+2) 9

-Cybernetics Enhanced Organs-

Most of his internal organs have been enhanced with Enclave Tech, giving him extra points to Endurance and Agility.
-Proximity Panic-
When threatened with melee combat, valves on Darrius's body will purge 10% of the Plasma that powers it, knocking everything that isn't dead-bolted to the floor outside of Melee range. 5 turn cooldown.

-Locklimb Sensor Fritz-

If any one of his limbs suffers blunt trauma greater than that of a punch, the sensors contained within that limb will be disrupted and need to reboot. This takes 2 turns.

Division and Conquest 8(9)[30] (2 x 10mm SMGs)

Bio:Darrius was born into the Enclave where he was raised until he was of age to serve his country. He never really got along with the other soldiers, their tactless stupidity always got in the way of his amazing finesse in battle. Always stifling his extravagant methods with simple-minded commands and expectations. Having practiced his acrobatics for months and months prior to enlistment, he felt that his talents were all but wasted on these trivial deployments. He wanted some action dammit! Alas, that, too seemed out of his reach. All the women of his particular station (481-b) were only into the muscle-headed meatsacks that they call soldiers. Feeling wasted on the battlefield and overlooked at the station, he began a long spiral of depression, ending in his early retirement not a year after his joining.
It was then that his life changed completely.
On his long trip outside the base, he bumped into a dire scene. A vertibird had crashed three miles from station 481-b, upon closer inspection of the wreckage, it looked to be caused by heavily armed raiders.
As Darrius looked through the heaps of burnt metal, he happened upon the body of an elderly man in a labcoat. to his shock and amazement, the old bean was still breathing. sacrificing what was left of his travel pack, he built a shelter for the poor old man, tending his wounds for about an hour before hearing him speak. "No... no... do not worry about me... The girl... is the girl alright?" "I'm sorry sir, I have not found a girl." "You must find her! She is the key to our survival! *cough*"
leaving the old man with a plasma pistol, Darrius scoured the virtibird happening only upon a scrap of blue cloth and footprints in the sand. After following the tracks for hours he came upon a split-second decision. In the clearing below him, he found a group of three raiders and a frightened looking girl clad in a blue robe. The raiders looked angry, and there was a corpse lying on the ground about three paces from him. As one of the raiders raised a baseball bat, Darrius leapt forth, grabbing the 10mm SMG from the corpse infront of him and in one smooth action, unleashed a burst into the band of thugs. Two of them were cut down to a pulp by the hollowpoint bullets, the third, with the baseball bat turned and charged blindly at Darrius. The robed girl gestured and an arc of electricity tore through the rampaging raider, killing him instantly.
After a moment of silence, Darrius ran over to the now unconscious girl, looking her over wasn't necessary, it was clear that she had a broken arm and ribs. With no time to spare, he carried her over to the makeshift shelter of the vertibird where he learned that the girl, 'Chi' was the culmination of two hundred years worth of research. A human, successfully merged with a complex mechanized system, setting the framework for an unlimited number of advances in bio-mechanical and advanced prosthetics technology. She was on her way to the main Enclave station in Raven Rock when a group of raiders shot down the virtibird charged with her transport.

Within a day, Darrius managed to signal for pickup and transport to Raven Rock. Once there, he came the the sudden realization that he had fallen for 'Chi' just as she had seemingly fallen for him. Driven by love, he offered to help in any way possible. Hearing this, the general in charge of the operation allowed him to take part in a conference about what to do with a badly damaged 'Chi'. Seeing as they could not get any data from her while she was in such a critical state, one official suggested that they destroy her completely so that they do not risk her falling into BoS hands, thought they would have to start from scratch. Before this movement could even be considered, Darrius slammed down his hands and pledged his mind and body to the cause, stating that he was willing to do ANYTHING to save 'Chi' no matter what, and that they cannot give up on the program.

Inspired by the young mans courage and drive, a Researcher stepped forward and told him that if he was as determined as he had said, he was willing to take him up on his offer and, with luck, save the program as well as 'Chi'.

Shortly after agreeing, Darrius was taken to a chamber deep within Raven Rock and strapped to a table. Being informed of the incredible risk he was about to undertake did not shake his spirit in the least. He was willing to give up most of his flesh and mind for this, he had to. There was no other way and he knew it. Having 60% of his organs replaced as well as his memory erased was a small price to pay in exchange for 'Chi's well being.

That was 12 years ago.

Darrius cannot remember a day of his life before his 30th birthday. He doesn't need to. The thrill of blowing the largest Raider group's leader away more than makes up for a lifetime of lullabies and birthday parties. That was awesome, and since all the other raiders knew it, he had no trouble whipping their flaccid asses into a proper military force. Why'd he do this? He doesn't know. 'Never has. Only thing that has ever seemed important was taking command of the raiders and making the biggest, baddest bunch of highly-trained assholes in the wasteland. Fast forward one year and his animalistic elite raider band is the largest, if not meanest in the wasteland. His subjects worship him like he's some sort of god. Whatever, as long as they follow orders.

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Darrius Alexander Tartaius
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