After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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 Noah 'Ace' Bierre

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PostSubject: Noah 'Ace' Bierre   Noah 'Ace' Bierre Icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 1:52 am

Name: Noah 'Ace' Bierre
Age: 233
Height: 6'1"
Hair Colour: Brown, patchy
Eye Colour: White, no visible pupil
Skin Colour: White, rotted / decayed
Weight: 170 lbs
Faction: Wastelander
Race: Human / Ghoul

Level 1
Health: 20
Strength: 1
Perception: 12
Endurance: 3
Agility: 9

=One shot, one kill=
Woe to those that end up at the end of Ace's barrel. The first shot fired into an opponent has a chance to deal double the ordinary damage. If the bullet hits, the player must roll a second time. If the roll is 1-10, then it deals regular damage. If the roll is 11-20, however, it deals double the damage! This is only usable once per battle, however. And if the second roll fails, it can not be used again.

Utilizing his marksman expertise, Ace does additional damage with his sniper rifle.

=Low Tolerance=
What's wrong? Can't stand the sight of your own blood? Ace certainly can't. Once at half health he enters a state of shock and both his Agility and Perception are halved.

'DKS-501 sniper rifle' 8(12)[6]
'Colt 6504 9mm autoloader pistol' 4(7)[9]


Born in Canada, 2044, Noah lived a normal life until the age of 23. The year was 2067, and tension between America and Canada was slowly rising. Soon, Canada backed down and allowed the American military passage to the Anchorage Front Line. This was not without retaliation, however. Patriotic citizens soon stood against the Americans, taking up arms and fighting back. These revolutionists would soon be dubbed "Freedom Fighters."

Noah Bierre was one of these alleged freedom fighters. He spent many years, hiding in abandoned buildings with a rifle, picking off what American soldiers he could. With such extensive use with this weapon, his ability with it enhanced. He worked with a group of other sharpshooters, and he would soon adapt the alias "Ace," which he used from then to the present. As the years passed, his comrades and himself made mistakes. Mistakes that would endanger their very lives. The group was constantly on the move, doing their best to recruit fighters and avoid death at the hands of the American military. Not everyone was so lucky. Over the years, his allies were killed off. Whether it be in a firefight, capture and public execution, disease, or merely accident.

A decade had gone by, Noah now at the age of 33, when the bombs fell from the sky. From the distance he was at, he couldn't see the bomb itself, but the explosion was something no one could forget. He was chatting with one of his comrades, when a large flaming mushroom erupted in the horizon. A low, subtle thud echoed throughout the land, leaving the small group speechless. A moment passed before they were bombarded with relentless force, knocking them out of their chairs, and onto the ground - their clothing whipping in the intense wind. The event was over, and they pushed themselves off the ground; overwhelmed with a sense of vertigo.

They spent another month looking for the remnants of humanity. Over time, his friends fell dead from the radiation and disease, though him and one other survived: Jesse Boyd. As more time progressed, their hair began falling out, their flesh began to crack and flake, and their voices became lower, raspy, and more guttural. Both society, and the pair were decaying. They both assumed that the radiation infected them, and others, with a form of leprosy. Soon, Noah and Jesse looked like the ghouls you would commonly see now-a-days. With this physical deterioration, came mental deterioration. After another 80 years, Jesse lost his mind and attacked those around him. "Feral!" The others shouted, some running in horror, and others running for their weapons. It didn't take long for him to be put down.

With his only tie to humanity dead, Noah traveled South to America and soon to Washington D.C., and the surrounding area - which was now referred to as "The Capitol Wasteland." He spent the past century or so here, gathering and consuming supplies, and living in solitude. Just him and his rifle.

Noah 'Ace' Bierre U3bXw
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Noah 'Ace' Bierre
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