After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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 Your Typical Wastelander

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PostSubject: Your Typical Wastelander   Your Typical Wastelander Icon_minitimeWed Oct 30, 2013 8:34 pm

Many dangers make the wastes their home and as a denizen of this hellish land, you will have to fend them off. Although the wastelander only has a base health of twenty, they will gain more as time experience goes by. In order to survive until then, you're average wastelander wants to sharpen four skills:

Might: The wastelander's might dictates their effectiveness in all things physical. For every three points of might they possess, they can improve their melee attacks or any physical action by one.

Sight: Sight is to the crafty what might is to the burly. An acute sight means a wastelander can aim easier, spot hidden treasures or enemies, and work out the solution to simple patterns.

Cunning: This is the skill that uplifts the meek. A cunning wastelander can talk his way out of most messes as well as solve complex puzzles and riddles. Every four points is one more boost to any check.

Agility: A wastelander's agility is vital to keeping him alive. An agile fighter not only hits first, but can also hit often. Every four points over your adversary means one more attack while every three points is a boost to your priority as well as stealth.

Being able to maneuver and attack properly is essential to surviving. Since everyone has a base defense of ten, it is also crucial to get some armor to help prevent unnecessary hits. Even if you can't negate the damage, glancing blows, which occur when the defense and attack roll break even, will only deal half the damage. Of course, you can always forego the extra protection for boosts to your other skills.

With skills groomed to one's preference, the wastelander must also learn to manage his inventory. Any one person can only hold five items on their person unless they invest in a carry bag. This is, of course, not counting his weapons. With proper space management, the wastelander can carry two one-handed weapons on the hip along a two-handed weapon on their back. When all the skills have been groomed and the wastelander is properly equipped, they will still need to learn a proper way to fight.
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Your Typical Wastelander
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