After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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 Character Sheet Template and Moveset

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Character Sheet Template and Moveset Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet Template and Moveset   Character Sheet Template and Moveset Icon_minitimeThu Oct 31, 2013 1:09 am

(Optional Traits)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:

Fighting Style:

(Two handed)Slot 1:
(Single handed)Slot 2:
(Single handed)Slot 3:



Skills- Your skills all have a base of 1. Upon creating a character you will have 12 points extra to distribute. You are allowed to put 6+your level into the Honed Skills described in your Fighting Style. If your Fighting Style has 3 skills described, you may only put 5+your level into the main skills and 2+your level into the secondary.


Inventory: Your Inventory is all the items you have to get by in the wastes. By defualt you have five, but some packs can be obtained to carry more things. 5 of each item can be carried, except ammo. Only 4 stacks of Ammo can be carried plus the equipped one (Twin Sets get a free fill)
Slot 1: x5 items
Slot 2: x5 items
Slot 3: x5 items
Slot 4: x5 items
Slot 5: x5 Items

Signature Move: This is a move unique to your character that can only be used once per encounter in hopes of turning the tide. You may tailor it any way you want to fit your character, however it must fall within one of the following categories:

-Piercing Damage, ignoring defense to guarantee a hit
-Guaranteed Critical on Hit
-Health Regen, equal to 25% across 4 turns, minimum of 2
-Hidden Power, pay Health to increase damage or stats for a maximum of 3 turns
-Twin Strike, allowing a second attack in place of one
-Twist of Fate, allowing the chance of one re-roll on a fail

Perks: Perks are passive skills that benefit the player under certain conditions. Perks are as follows:

-Stat boosts under relevant conditions
-Damage boost with certain types of weapons
-Stat or Damage boost against specific enemies
-Stat or Damage boost when working with others
-Grant a Stat or Damage boost to party members under certain conditions



Flaw: Your flaw is a character trait that balances out your Perks. A flaw is a opposite of either your Signature Move or your Perks that hinder constant dominion. Such flaws are:

-Stat penalties with certain weapons
-Stat penalties in certain areas
-Stat penalties when facing certain enemies
-stat penalties when working with certain people

Quote: An optional flavor text to show off your characters personality in few words

Biography: A summary of your characters motives and upbringing. This is where you show they're history, personality, and goals they wish to accomplish.
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Character Sheet Template and Moveset
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