After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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 Solomon Snow

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PostSubject: Solomon Snow    Solomon Snow  Icon_minitimeThu Oct 31, 2013 1:29 pm

Name:Solomon Snow
Karma:Chaotic Good
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color:Black
Weight: 250

Fighting Style: Law Enforcement Officer

Weapons: 9mm Pistol twin set (4 Damage, x2 Crit)
Combat Knife (4 Damage, x2.5 Crit)


Armor: Gunslinger Duster

Might:1(+0 Modifier)
Sight:4+3Armor(+2 Modifier)
Cunning:5(+1 Modifier)
Agility:6+3Armor(+3 Modifier)

Slot 1: 17 9mm Rounds
Slot 2: 5 Stimpaks  
Slot 3: 5 Doctors Bags
Slot 4:    
Slot 5:

Blaze of glory- Solomon Fires both of his pistols in rapid succession gaining and extra attack with both pistols.

Perk1: Military Background- extensive training in the past has granted knowledge of how to use certain weapons properly (Allows a +2 on attack rolls when using any 9mm pistol, Combat knife, Automatic rifle, or hand grenade)

Perk2: Run and Gun-(Able to Shoot when entering or leaving cqc with a penalty of -2 to the roll)

Flaw: Afraid of the dark-(-2 on attack rolls when inside an unknown building at night)

Quote: I'm a really really REALLY tall guy if you get what I mean..... IT'S A PENIS JOKE. I bet you thought that you where going to die today huh, well your half right. Could you go lay in a ditch and die somewhere that would be great thanks.

Biography: Previously an NCR ranger Solomon was discharged for getting to friendly with his commanders wife. best three months of sex in his opinion and probably hers as well.but I digress. After a few years of roaming he settled in a town as a deputy and eventually became sheriff. one day he chased some bandits that were harassing the town. unbeknownst to him it was merely a ploy as slavers descended upon the town left defenseless. he killed the bandits but lost those to which he swore to protect. 3 days and two nights Solomon and his 3 deputy's hunted the slavers only to find most of them dead already. the only one to survive was a especially quirky fellow. he walked over to the slaver and demanded his name the reply was Hephrid. the men intending to purchase the people did not like the price for them when the slavers became belligerent they were attacked one of the perspective buyers dropped a grenade. a bullet ricochet off a wall and hit the grenade causing it and the man who dropped it (who was carrying a lot of explosives) to well explode killing him and the towns people. unable to continue in his current job Solomon discarded his badge claiming. I will uphold justice in my own way wherever I go but i will not be responsible for peoples lives like this again. he turned to Hephrid and said i will let you live today but in exchange i will have you help me in the future, if you fail to do so you will meet a similar fate and those around you. Thus began Solomon and Hephrid's crazy adventures which always ended up with Hephrid begging for his life.
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Solomon Snow
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