After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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 Hephrid the retarded raider

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PostSubject: Hephrid the retarded raider   Thu Oct 31, 2013 3:49 pm

Level: 1
Name: Hephrid
Karma: Retarded nuetral
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color:Black
Weight: 210

Fighting Style:Kamikaze Berserker

Weapons: Crude Greatsword (4 Damage, x3 Crit)

DEF:10+2 Armor

Armor: Leather Armor


Slot 1: 5 Stimpaks
Slot 2: 5 Doctors Bags
Slot 3: 1 guide to speaking publicly
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

Perk1: Strong Arm-(+2 damage on melee hit)

Perk2: Smooth swing-(+2 dice roll when attacking with a melee weapon)

Flaw: A bit special - Hephrid does not get the situation sometimes and is vulnerable to being tricked(-4 speech checks.

Quote: That's a funny looking bunny, oh wait that's your child.

Biography: Abandoned as a child he was found by Muriel who lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband Eustace. But creepy stuff happens in nowhere and it's up to Hephrid to save his new home.
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Hephrid the retarded raider
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