After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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  Aeris El Satellizer

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PostSubject: Aeris El Satellizer    Aeris El Satellizer Icon_minitimeThu Oct 31, 2013 4:30 pm

Name: Aeris El Satellizer
Karma: Good
Eye color: Red
hair color: white
Bust: 36C


(Two handed)Slot 1:Varmint Rifle: (8 Damage, x2 Crit, 5 ammo)
Mod:High Power Scope: Allows preemptive attacks with successful Sight checks
(Single handed)Slot 2:
(Single handed)Slot 3:

Armor: Wastelander Outfit  +3 Cunning, +3 Agility
Sight:6 (Sniper vision= +3 to sight)
Cunning:3(Armor  +3 Cunning)
Agility:6 (Quick Step= +3 to Agility)(Armor +3 Agility)

Signature Move: Sure Shot (one Shot in an encounter always hits without fail)

Perk 1: Sniper vision (+3 to sight when in long range)

Perk 2: Quick Step (+3 to Agility when in close range)

Flaw: Shy Girl (Easy to intimidate, -2 on speech checks)

Slot 1: 5 Stimpaks
Slot 2: 5 Doctors Bags
Slot 3:31 5.56mm Ammo
Slot 4: 2 Bars of chocolate
Slot 5:

Quote: "Hope is what makes us strong. It is why we are here. It's what we fight with when all else is lost."

Personality: Aeris is really shy and nice she helps people that are in a bind, she curious about things so she wonders a little, if some talks to her, she will hesitate a little and if its a guy(Looks nice) she will hesitate a little more if she dosent get to know them, but if its a mission situation she will gladly join(As long as its not Evil.) if its only here with the stranger she will ask around at the bounty office,or ask for you to get one more person.(P.S. Loves chocolate)

Aeris was born into a rich family, well rich in the wasteland that is. Big house, lots of guards, a giant fence, plenty of bramin, plants and a fresh water supply to sell to the people, workers to tend the crops. Its one of the few places in the wasteland that people could call paradise. Aeris has an older brother and sister. Aeris's brother Damon is a skilled close quarter combat figter knowing simple street fighting to high class MMA, Aeris's sister Niadra is skilled in any type of weapon but is prone to make mistakes because she doesn't want to master just one thing, Aeris father Avon is master with swords give him a butter knife with a room full of people who want to hurt him or his family hes going to stand there with blood on his face, Aeris's Mother Zagara duel wielding bad-ass and the only person her dad fears.

In Aeris family the only way to be truly accepted is to do something extraordinary, Her brother killed a deathclaw with is bare hands. her sister managed to kill thirty raiders and there leader by herself, her fater walked in to a slaver camp killed everyone in the base saved all the slaves with out a single bullet or person laying a finger on him, and her mother calling their father a wimp. Aeris has performed many things but still none that satisfied her family so she went to the NCR and help out as a merc. That lead her around the wasteland she would go back home every now and then to see how everyone was doing. As Aeris was leaving home to go back out on the filed she saw a large group of raiders coming to attack her home, so she took out her rifle that the NCR let her use while with them and started to pick of the raider one by one. There was no pause in her fire one right after another the bullets constantly hitting there mark. When ever she had to re-lode the rifle there was no more then a split second that the firing stopped. The raiders eventually started to run towards Aeris but it was to late she had fired so many shots itto their numbers that it dwindled down to no more then ten, they started to retreat but Aeris could not let them tell their boss what happened here. Aeris turned around and told her family about the attack and they praised her for the extraordinary feat she had done. Her father ordered some of the guards to gather the bodes and burn them.
Aeris said goodbye to the family and went back to the NCR gave them back there rife and walked out to walk the wasteland to help anyone that needed it and every now and then go see her family.
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Aeris El Satellizer
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