After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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 Vlachs Dulaim, the Savage Nomad

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Vlachs Dulaim, the Savage Nomad Empty
PostSubject: Vlachs Dulaim, the Savage Nomad   Vlachs Dulaim, the Savage Nomad Icon_minitimeThu Oct 31, 2013 7:02 pm

Level: 1
Name: Vlachs Dulaim
Karma: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 6'2"
Skin Colour: Pale
Weight: 190 lbs
Fighting Style: Berserker

(Single handed)Slot 1: Crude Machete: (3 Damage, x2 Crit)
                                        -Twin Set

(Single handed)Slot 2:

DEF:11 (10+1 [Merc. Out.])

Armor: Mercenary Outfit (1 DEF, +3 Agility)

Might: 7
Sight: 1
Cunning: 1
Agility: 7 (6+3 [Merc. Out.])

Slot 1: x5 Stimpaks
Slot 2: x5 Dirty Water
Slot 3: Empty
Slot 4: Empty
Slot 5: Empty

Signature Move: Twin Strike
Once per encounter, Vlachs strikes forth with both weapons, earning two attacks in place of one.

Perk 1:
For every 3 damage done to Vlachs, he gains a temporary +1 to Might for 2 turns.

Perk 2:
+3 to Agility on successful Melee hit.

-3 on all Cunning checks

"We is a loaded, and offensive word."

Biography: An enigmatic nomad belonging to a scarce tribe of ritualistic vagrants who've made their home in the sand-blown vaults scattered across the Western Coast. Vlachs, for an unknown reason, has separated from his clan and has since roved the wastes solitarily.

Vlachs Dulaim, the Savage Nomad The_fallout_by_bruno_camara-d670tgn

"We carry a new world here, in our hearts. That world is growing in this minute." - Buenaventura Durruti
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Vlachs Dulaim, the Savage Nomad
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