After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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 Axel, the Revenant

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PostSubject: Axel, the Revenant   Axel, the Revenant Icon_minitimeSun Nov 03, 2013 5:13 am

Level: 1
Name: Axel the Revenant
Karma: Nuetral
(Optional Traits)
Eye Color: Right eye(Black) Left eye(White)
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5"9
Bust: N/A
Hip: N/A
Waist: N/A
Weight: 163
Age: 19

Fighting Style:Kamikaze Berserker

Weapons: Crude Greatsword: (8 Damage, x2 Crit, Bleed: 18 Might), 40 caps
-Large Whetstone: Increase the crit range to 11-12, 10 caps

Def:10 (+0 Wastelander Outfit)

Armor: Wastelander Outfit

Might: 7
Sight: 3
Cunning: 4 (+3 Wastelander Outfit)
Agility: 5 (+3 Wastelander Outfit)(-2 to agility Flaw)

Slot 1: x5 Stimpacs
Slot 2: x5 dirty water
Slot 3: x1 Doctor bag
Slot 4:
Slot 5:

Signature Move: Bull Rush -  Axel locks onto a target and rushes with tremendous speed, rushing into CQC with that target and attacking them.

Perk 1: Hard Skin - When Axel is not in CQC with an opponent he takes -2 to the total damage roll.

Perk 2: Melee Training - Axel deals 1/4th damage with all egded weapons.

Flaw: Heavy handed - -2 to agility

Quote: All things come to an end. Sadly you won't be able to see yours

Backstory: Axel was born and raised within side of a vault, though the vault had many errors which lead to the entrapment of the civilization of people within the vault.
After many decades the vault ran out of food due to malfunctions with the main systems. This lead to many uprisings and groups of people banding together for survival.
He one of the ones who were still young at the time, watched as the groups of people violently ans savagely killed eachother for years. Growing up in this establishment
had a toll on his mind and who he was. This lead him to become very enraged and bottled all of his emotions within side of himself making him angry. Within the group of
people he was with, he tried to keep what remained of his sanity. Over the years of the constant battleing he found that he had an act for battling killing. Though he
found out that the truest of damage comes from yourself and realizing that you cannot hold back when the opportunity presents itself. Though you need to know the correct
time to strike.Through countless battles and trial and error Axel's group learned and mastered the the shadows and how to use them to their advantage.Over the next few
years certain groups started to emerge from the vault.The leaders of the groups worked together to try and free themselves from the cage that held them. The day finally
came in which the vault door was opened. Axel talked to his group the night before and the day that the vault door was opened. His group massacred everyone in the
surrounding groups.
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Axel, the Revenant
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