After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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 Aeris the Kind

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PostSubject: Aeris the Kind   Aeris the Kind Icon_minitimeWed Aug 08, 2012 6:15 pm

Name: Aeris El Satellizer
Eye color: Red
hair color: white
bust size:c

Hunting rifle 7(11)[5]
.44 magnum revolver 4(7)[6]


Perk1:Sharp shooter(Aeris has learned to shot strait after years of Being a merc. Assassin.+ 3 To Perception)
Perk2:Agile(Aeris has learned to move quickly around her environment to get in to better positions. +3 to Agility)

Flaw:Smokers lung (Aeris has a habit of smoking allot due to this she can not run for long perios of time.-3 to Agility)

Personality: Aeris mostly keeps to herself unless she is talking to a friend,someone she knows, if someone talks to her,or she is helping someone is having troubles, the only time she really talks to someone she dose not know is if there hurt or she see's something interesting on them, but most of the time she is really shy in public and keeps to herself but don't think of her as a push over if she has to she will fight and if you insult her multiple time she going to get mad(And might even start a fight ).

Aeris was born in a vault she grew up as any other child particularly with her best friend Evelet, with family and friends when she was seventeen, she wanted to know what was outside of the vault one day a riot broke out in the vault every one was tired of being locked up in the vault many of the vault dwellers were ready to kill for there freedom but before that could happen the overseer came out of his office for the first time after his son Mike had died thirteen years prior to the riot " Today would be my son's thirteenth birthday and therefore this day should be a day of great joy for me and my wife but after his death my wife was stricken with grief and ended her life. And from then on I was left alone." the rioters and guards stopped fighting to listen as the overseer continued to tell them his speech, "My son had one wish and that was to get himself out of this vault and live a free life from captivity and rules. As such, I was going to open the vault on his eighteenth birthday and for the people of my vault but now that he is gone, I might as well open the vault for you, the last of my family." The Overseer made his way down to the door and proceeded to open it. As it rolled open, everyone flinched and attempted to conceal their eyes from the bright light that seeped inside of the chamber.
After four years out in the wast lands Aeris was scavenging for supply's as she was searching some raiders saw her the four raiders started to fire on Aeris, Asris stars to run while firing back as she goes over a hill she bumps into a super mutant "Crap." the mutant did not attack her he pushed her to the side "Learn." Aeris's eyes got wider "You can talk." before the mutant could answer the raiders came over the hill they all stopped when they saw the mutant two of the four raiders ran"Cowards." said the leader of the grope ran away when he turned back to the fight the mutant was in front of him the mutant grabbed his head and slammed it to the ground the skull caved in in the raider the other raider started to fire on him but the bullets did nothing to his skin the raiders stopped firing put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger all Aeris sat there stunned to see what had just happened the super mutant sat down next to Aeris."The name is Edd,and yours is." Aeris still stunned to see a mutant able to talk"A..Aer..Aeris, how can you talk and why are you not killing me." the super mutant laughed at her "Were not all the same you know pulse i was trapped in a library when I turned so thats how i can talk and how to tell good people from bad people and to me your to nice to be a rider." as the sun was setting Aeris looked around to find shelter"You don't have a place we can stay for the night, it dangerous to be out at night." Edd looked around to see a door "We do now." Edd points to the door Aeris and Edd run to it as Aeris tries to open it"It won't open its jammed." Edd moves Aeris to the side Edd then kicks it open "Was it really that hard." Aeris laughs a little "Like you said we are not all the same your a large super mutant and me im a small woman,how would you like to join me on my travels." "It would be nice to have some one to talk to." As they sat in the room Aeris put her bag on the floor and Edd started a fire "Are you hungry." Asks Edd as she pulls out some water and pork'n beans cans from her bag Edd takes a can and a bottle of water "Thank you.".
After one year with Edd they were surrounded by raiders "That's the bitch that kill our leader and the super mutant too. " "Good job leading us to them." The raider that was now in charge seamed meaner and tougher, the new leader shot the person talking to him then the rest of them fired on Aeris and Edd some even came with swords and power-fists after about an hour Aeris and Edd were tired but still more and more came "There's now way we are going to win, you have to run." Aeris was shocked at what he said "I'm not leaving you, your my friend and I won't abandon a friend." Edd pulled out a Fat-man "Your leaving and you have no choice." he fired it at the raiders leaving a large opening Edd then grabbed Aeris by the arm and tossed her out as soon as he did this he was jumped by the raiders but before letting go he made a promise "I won't die here i promise you this." As Aeris got up she ran to Megaton and devoted her life to help anyone who needs it and to find Edd again.

Some stuff about Aeris's family:


Name: Kaity El Satellizer
Location:Rivet City

Name: John (Last name unknown)
(Last time seen distracting raiders to protect the family as they get to Rivet City)

(Little) Sister:
Location:Rivet City
Work: Manager of the Rivet City Hotel

Big(Brother):Johnny El Satellizer
Location: Rivet City
Work:Rivet city security guard

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PostSubject: Re: Aeris the Kind   Aeris the Kind Icon_minitimeSat Aug 11, 2012 3:08 am

Hunting Rifle
(Insert Second Weapon Here)
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Aeris the Kind
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