After the Great War, little was left in the wake of the nuclear assault. Caught in the midst, you seek to make a name for yourself in this...'new' world.
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 Valkyrie Graves- Envoy of the End

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Valkyrie Graves- Envoy of the End Empty
PostSubject: Valkyrie Graves- Envoy of the End   Valkyrie Graves- Envoy of the End Icon_minitimeThu Oct 31, 2013 4:04 am

Level 1

Name: Valkyrie Graves
Karma: Good
Eye Color: Silver/Violet
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'10''

Class: Gunslinger

Armor: Gunslinger's Duster (+2 Sight, +2 Agility)

Might: 3
Sight: 6, Duster +3, (+3)
Cunning: 1
Agility: 6, Duster +3, (+3)

Weapon: Twin Set .357 Magnums (6x2 Damage, x2 crit, 12 shots)

24 .357 rounds
5 Stimpacks
5 Doctor's Bags

Signature Move:

Survivor's Guilt-Valkyrie takes a hard swig of her flask, leaving herself open to attack. However, this lulls the enemy into a false sense of security in which she strikes them with critical damage.

Perk 1: Seductive Vixen-Blessed with beauty and a libido to match, Valkyrie is a paramour to the women of the waste (+3 cunning on all interactions with females)

Perk 2: A Beer in One hand...-Valkyrie is as much a lover of a big iron as she is her own gender and maintains a similar creed for both, "two is better then one" (+1/4 Damage on Twin Set Revolvers)

Flaw : Demon in a Bottle-Haunted by her squad's demise, Valkyrie often resorts to drink to numb the pain of loss (-2 on all checks if Survivor's Guilt was used in the previous encounter)

Quote: "I thought I was gone, ready to let it all go, but when I saw Alistair fall and not get up, something in me just said, 'no.' The next thing I knew, I was blasting a camp of degenerates and pinning their corpses to every ledge I found...I'm sorry, but your legs just don't want to end, has anyone ever told you that!?"

Biography: Daughter of a retired NCR Ranger and a Tribal woman he once rescued, Valkyrie Graves was a carefree girl who grew up on a brahmin ranch. She often ran around playing "War" with her brother until they became old enough to help out around the ranch. The chores taught them to ride and herd cattle while the NCR training that came afterwards taught them discipline and survival tactics. Valkyrie always held a kinship with those from the core states, but never once dreamt of living anywhere other then in the wastes. When her brother became eighteen and set off to find work that would let him explore, Valkyrie decided to enlist with the NCR. Although only sixteen, her tenacity finally won out against her parents who relented and let her join. While her brother inherited their father's prized Ranger Sequoia, Valkyrie was given his lucky flask, claimed to have saved him from a number of near death situations.

When she arrived at the training camp she quickly stood out among recruits and impressed enough officers for them to ignore her younger age. When combined with her father's reputation, Valkyrie was soon assigned to the 31st Ranger Platoon after only a year of service. Her father had joked that she should do well to not distract the boys in her unit with her looks before she left, but ironically, she found herself facing that problem with the women she came across. After fooling around with a few of the recruits she met in boot camp she decided men were not her taste and began enjoying the benefits of the female gender. this came to a head when she was assigned to the 31st alongside Nora Miles, a 26 year-old who saw Val as privileged and sparked a rivalry between the two. Although antagonistic at first, the two soon formed a bond through their competition and became lovers.

On a midnight patrol one midsummer night, the 31st set out to investigate a hot spot on their route where other patrols would often report attacks or remnants of an attack. When walking through the area the squad was surprised by raiders who hid in the bushes and within pitfalls in the ground. A third of the squad was wiped out before the CO was able to coordinate the survivors. When the 31st finally got its bearings and started retaliating, the CO was struck down and the platoon began to get pushed together. A shot hit Valkyrie in her chest and immediately floored her. The shot tore though her leather vest but deflected off of her father's flask. The raiders pushed to swarm her as she fumbled for her gun only to get pushed back by Nora. She killed a few with her two pistols held out in constant fire before three shots tore into her chest. The last thing Valkyrie remembered was holding Nora's cold hand and firing her lover's handgun while she dragged her to safety behind a rock.

For what seemed like an eternity, Val's body didn't register anything other then the dogtags in her hand and her brother's voice next to her. As the two rested in a town her brother seemed to be known in, a fight ensued at dawn and the townsfolk began to scramble, leaving the shell-shocked Valkyrie by herself. She remained in stasis until a cry reached her that shook her core, "Graves is down." The imminent threat of the phrase registered and she shot up to join the fight. As the Raiders began to flee, she managed to get a hold of one and interrogated him for their location. After breaking his face open with a lead pipe, Val entrusted her brother to the settlement's doctor and set out. Upon arriving at the remains of an old world village turned raider camp, she used her ranger training to systematically eliminate everyone present and hang their bodies from whatever ledge she found. When confronted by their leader, she dueled him in a knife fight and proceeded to pin the man's limbs to a wooden wall before taking a crude machete and peeling away at the man's flesh. By the time her brother found her again, the raider was a sniveling mess and the ranger was halfway's through the bandit's liquor supply.

Valkyrie went through a short dark phase before gaining some form of balance with her brother's help. Although her skills were certainly damaged and she opted to not re-enlist, Val stayed combat capable and set out on a personal mission. Stories arose of the "Grave Twins," spirits of vengeance that wipe out Raider gangs whenever a settlement would get hit. Although the pain becomes too great from time to time and a drink is had to alleviate it, Valkyrie is often comforted by her brother's eternal vigil and the bloodied dogtag that hangs next to hers.
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Valkyrie Graves- Envoy of the End
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